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A little well-timed pruning goes a long way toward improving your landscape and protecting your investment. According to the experts at the Lawn and Landscape Institute of TruGreen, there are many good reasons to prune:

  • Properly pruned shrubs and trees look more attractive, and grow healthier and more vigorously.
  • When you prune plants to let in more air and light, surrounding plants and turfgrass often benefit.
  • Pruning maintains or reduces the size of the plant and removes dead, diseased, and/or broken branches.
  • Pruning returns plants to their more natural growth patterns and makes them stronger by removing suckers, water sprouts, or other weak limbs and branches.
  • Left unchecked, trees and shrubs can outgrow their locations, becoming unsightly.
  • Pruning removes branches and limbs that pose a hazard to people, homes, or power lines.